What is Feng Shui?

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese Art and Science of placement to better enhance and increase balance, harmony, health and prosperity within our living and working environments that was discovered well over 4,000 years.

The words Feng Shui literally mean ‘wind & water’; the wind is the ‘chi’ (energy) and the water is the representation of harnessing the flow of the ‘chi’ to bring harmony and balance.

There are many schools of Feng Shui and we utilize as many as we can in order to give our clients optimum results. Some of the schools of Feng Shui we use are

For majority of these schools of Feng Shui there is a mathematical science and there can be an analytical process involved. In laymen’s terms, it is about laying out rooms, furniture, introducing colours, elements and objects in order to create a positive change in one’s life, family, home and/or business.

People can access Feng Shui in the following ways.

Why use Feng Shui?

The reasons are numerous! But most of the time it will be due to some kind of suffering, struggle or challenge such as:-

For some people it will be that they are building a home or business and would like to prevent any struggles right from the beginning. For some it will be because they are unable to sell a business or house and need a little help.

Who uses Feng Shui?

It is used extensively all over the world by people from all walks of life. They are people with the little holiday home, a one bedroom apartment, a standard 4 bedroom houses, a multi-story house, a one room office, a retail premise, a corporate office or a whole business premise. The people can be single, married, have children, be employed, be business or company owners and entrepreneurs.



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I have known Sharon since I attended her first ever presentation on the mysteries of Feng Shui. What she said made sense and I have been happy to be advised by her for both my home and business life ever since. She is very knowledgeable and is able to pass on her knowledge of a very complicated subject in a way that even I can understand!


Sharon is a professional business woman, a leading Master of Feng Shui and Professional Speaker in her field. She loves what she does and is passionate about making a positive difference by creating health, harmony and prosperity in the lives of others.