Attracting All Your Heart Desires

with Direction, Clarity and Focus

What do YOU want to achieve or attract into YOUR life?

Is it a new car, a holiday, a loving relationship, to be financially free, 

to be healthy, to meet your idol, to be successful,

to have a better job, start a new business or be an entrepreneur?



VisionBoarding for Success Workshops

     These Workshops offer an easy step-by-step process that  
delivers amazing results FAST! 

Fleur Allen founder of Out of the Box Biz - “It is without hesitation that I 100% recommend Sharon Brown for her
     VisionBoarding for Success events.This is for you if you are looking to improve,achieve  or excel in your Business or Career life, Personal
     Life, or in the areas of your own Health, Education or Finance. I recently completed  the  full  day   workshop  and  in  less than 2 weeks
     achieved  raising over $5,000 on my very first crowd funding project. Completing and referring to this Vision Board daily was an integral
     part of my successI have done Vision Boards for many years but had never approached it within the principles of Feng Shui - this made
                                                                  a profound difference and simply sped up the process!"

                                                                                    What's Included                                                                             

                      Full Step by Step Practical Process That Works             Refreshments      

                   Interactive and Quality Learning                                     Workbook  

     All Materials Required To Create Your Vision Board


                                                                          Personalised Colour Blueprint

                                                           Unique VisionBoarding Compass

                                                           Exclusive Facebook Page To Share Your Successes

                                                           PLUS Individual Fine Tuning Session 

   You Will Learn

           How To Get Crystal Clear About YOUR Visions                            Why Do A Vision Board  

          How To Lay Out Your Vision Board For FAST Results                 Selecting Images That Work

         How To Create A Vision Board Using Unique Tools                      Best Place to Locate Your Vision Board                           

   And Much, Much More….

Helen Toon of Perth, Western Australia - “I would have bucket full of money with all the pennies that dropped after 
attending your VisionBoarding for Success Workshop!  Within just 7 days of completing my board, I have had at least 5 things come to
 fruition and some of them were massive!!"


   Who Should Enroll?

       It is perfect for anyone who is sick, fed-up of a life filled with struggle and desperation and looking at having a life filled                 with abundance.

       It is for the person who has never done a Vision Board before and who is looking at changing their life for the better.

       It is for people that may have done a Vision Board (or a dream, wish board or bucket list), and may have got less than                average results: who is curious to try something a little more unique to the usual way of doing a Vision Board with 
           proven results.

       It is for anyone who wants to have their Visions become crystal clear and would like to accelerate their success!

Gary Wilmot of No More Mr. Fat Guy - “In this workshop there were some general layout guidelines and themed zones
        (Sharon is a Feng Shui Master remember!) and to be honest, having that level of structure really helped me get to grips with my first     Vision Board. The other participants  agreed  that it was a very good and useful process.  3 or 4 hours later the impact of this internally, has          been quite surprising.  New levels of clarity and focus have been found, but above all else a really strong sense of happiness, joy and excitement about what the future holds.”

     Here is just a small list of the Visions that some of our participants have received so far as a result of following the EASY step by step process 

                  Unexpected Pay Rises                  Improved Family Relationships and New Partners
                Met International Gurus Face to 
                 Money In The Thousands
               Increased Sales and Income
                 House and New Cars
                Job Changes/Promotions
                 World Wide Holidays Flying Business Class
               New Business Opportunities
                 Health Issues Reversed and Improved Healthy Lifestyle

     Catherine Ord of Ord Coaching - “I sensed Sharon was a woman of great teaching when I first met her and when I had
       the opportunity to participate in her VisionBoarding for Success Workshop it  was  truly a transformational process. I had previously done work alone 
around Vision Boards and vision books, I loved the process but never really saw too much realisation in the vision I had set out. 
 After her W
orkshop I came away with clarity, direction and an increase of energy, my authentic self was able to voice her dreams and visions for the 
future year. Sharon's expertise  and guidance held a space where we could open up and explore the terrain of our hopes, dreams and
      visions without limitation.  Her process moved us artfully into creating  a vision that felt  exciting  and  meaningful as we lay it within the
      framework of the ancient science of Feng Shui. Since my Vision Board has been  completed and I followed her masterful instructions, I
      have experienced the achievement of my vision in such a greater capacity with a flow and ease. I will be attending her VisionBoarding for Success Workshop again
 in the next year and I know it will become a vital piece in my strategic  business planning for my future. I highly encourage you to connect 
and work with Sharon, it will give you a foundation to achieve your ultimate Vision for your life & business.”

What Are You Waiting For? 
Create Your Own Magical Life By Booking Your Place

 Dates for Next Workshops

Workshop Details
Saturday, 8th July 2017
9.30am – 5pm
Joondalup, Western Australia
Workshop Details
     November 2017
9.30am – 5pm  
Joondalup, Western Australia

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VisionBoarding for Success Workshop in 4 Sessions via a Webinar at a date convenient to you.


Patricia Weldon of Rainbows End Physiotherapy and Prenatal & Birth Therapy Clinic from Ireland  'I got such massive value from working with Sharon and doing her VisionBoarding for Success sessions; it was a much deeper and more powerful process than I could have ever imagined bringing rapid change in areas which had previously been quite stuck.  My advice…DO IT!  You will be just as thrilled as I am for taking the leap’

            Meet Your Master Vision Boarder and Facilitator
Sharon Brown is a Master of Feng Shui and VisionBoarding, a leading educator in these areas and is the Founder of Global Palace of Feng Shui and Visionboarding for Success programs. She has almost 20 years of award winning business experience and knowledge who has conducted numerous Consultations and Events for clients across Australia and internationally with enormous success.
Sharon is an author, has presented on radio and television and is also a highly sought after Professional Speaker for presentations to businesses and groups.  Sharon presents in an easy to understand format that is practical, humorous and an enjoyable way to learn.
She has such a positive energy, who loves empowering others and is exceptionally generous with her knowledge; her audiences are left feeling inspired, motivated and ready to implement what they have learnt from her.

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