Sharon Brown is best known as an Award-Winning Businesswoman, Entrepreneur, Educator, Master of Feng Shui, Clinical Aromatherapist, Mentor, Author and Professional Speaker.

She was first introduced into the world of business at the tender age of 9 years old, with her Dad listening to motivational ‘cassettes’ like ‘Acres of Diamonds and both parents starting up small home businesses. It was at this time, without her parent’s knowledge that she had her first ‘business’ selling chocolate crackles in the school yard at recess. This was short lived as the Principal shut it down due to him believing it was wrong, even though her Dad told the Principal that she should be praised for her entrepreneur spirit.

Sharon went on to work in the hospitality industry for a few years, giving her the skills of understanding the importance of customer service, which led to roles in payroll and accounts. It was during this time that she discovered 2 things. 1 she was not a numbers person, but she was definitely a people person who loved to help anybody who needed it and 2, she preferred to be creating and working her own business as well as be sponge for knowledge.

Over the next 30 years she had a party planning business, been the owner/founder of InnerEssence Aromatherapy, The International House of Feng Shui, Miz Biz Mentorz, VisionBoarding International, Global Palace of Feng Shui and currently, The Holistic Entrepreneur.

Sharon holds a Certificate IV in Clinical Aromatherapy, many certificates in Feng Shui, trained under a number of Feng Shui teachers such as Grand Master Lo of Hong Kong and Joey Yap and has a Certificate III in Education Support and Certificate IV in Small Business Management.

Sharon has gained much recognition with radio, television and is an author of a number of magazine articles and the book ‘4 Pillars of Destiny – The Feng Shui Way’ (2003). She has been a Past Associate Member of National Speakers Association of Australia and Past Professional Member of the Association of Feng Shui Consultants (International) and is part of the Entrepreneurs Institute community.

Many years of life experiences, failures, tragedies traumas and successes has shaped her to become the strong, caring and empathetic woman she is today with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

She is a wife to her husband, Steve for almost 30 years and has a grown daughter, Shayla who is a beautiful soul and who is making her own mark on the world. She lives in the suburbs of Perth, Australia with her family, Miss Fu the dog, 6 hens, surrounded by nature and grows her own organic fruit and vegetables.