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Here's to Your Health With Feng Shui

In my humble opinion Health should be a higher priority than Prosperity and Wealth; even though some would say that the Wealth would make their misery a lot easier to live with. However, try enjoying that wealth when you are laid flat out with tubes and machines coming from all over you in an Intensive Care Unit of a hospital, I can assure it doesn’t happen, I know; the Universe thought I should give it a go once. All you get is a lot of pain, misery and more bills. Hence, your health is paramount and with a few Feng Shui tweaks around the home and workplace, we can achieve improvement in health.

The East sector of your home or office represents the Health section in the Pa Kua or Bagua School of Feng Shui, so we shall focus on this area.

The Lucky Bamboo

You see these everywhere and I just wish they would tell you on the tag where the best place for you to place them. These are a great plant to use, especially if you are the sort of person who kills a plant without too much difficulty as they are quite hardy and need very little watering. Also make sure that you have the Bamboo in water and not in soil; if you do have them in soil, just gently pull them out, then rinse the soil off and place in a vase of water; make sure you use a dark colour vase, especially if you are going to be placing this near a window.

The Bamboo represents longevity, which is another reason why we use it. You can place one of these lucky bamboos in the East sector of the home or office. Now if you have a toilet or bathroom here, it may suggest you could have health issues within the home. Now if you are unable to place a plant in the East sector then you can always place the plant in the East section of a living area.

Avoid having spikey or pointy plants as they will cause more health problems if they are in the East section, especially cacti; the same goes for dead plants.

Quan Yin Statue

Quan Yin is a goddess in her own right and has many qualities, but one of them is she helps to deflect illness & sickness and this is why she is my number one cure I use with just about everybody who is experiencing health issues. I have had many clients say that there has been a difference once they place a Quan Yin statue in a room.

My daughter has one by her bed at all times, she used to be a very sickly child with many bouts of pneumonia and other chest; it came with the territory due to her being born 3 months premature! Even though, she is now almost 21 years old, she still likes to have her Quan Yin statue by her bed.

If you work in a area where there seems to be constant health problems, bring in a statue of Quan Yin and place on your desk…it can make such a difference!

Health Gourd

This can also be called a Precious Gourd, either way, they are very useful enhancer. This is used for protection and is an ancient Chinese symbol of longevity. I tend to use this one for elderly people, people in hospital and people that may be suffering with a long term and severe illness. The best place to put them is on the headboard of the bed and there is no reason why you can’t use both the Health Gourd and the Quan Yin.

Please remember this is general advice to meet an overall interest. For a more exact and independent report based on your individual residential or commercial premises and the people within those premises, please contact Sharon Brown at Global Palace of Feng Shui to arrange an Feng Shui Consultation.

With Gratitude