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Longevity Gratitude Journal

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The Longevity Gratitude Journal is 13.33cm x 20.32cm (5.25" x 8") in size and has an emblem on the front cover that has been especially designed by bringing together 3 components used in Feng Shui to create a very powerful talisman. 

’Shou’ meaning Longevity symbolizes long life, endurance, strength and perseverance.  

The colour Green is representative of the Wood Element and symbolizes determination, growth and harmony.    

The circle encompassing the Chinese Character is made up of the ‘Infinity’ symbol which means never-ending, limitless, forever, eternity and empowering.


  • There is a total of 157 pages 
  • A section giving you guidance on getting the most out of your Gratitude Journaling  
  • Lined pages with a water mark of the emblem for Longevity
  • 18 inspirational quotes that is relevant to this Longevity Gratitude Journal

Longevity Gratitude Journal