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Concave Bagua - Brass

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The Bagua (also known as the Pa Kua) is a powerful of protection for your home or business.  The trigrams are arranged on the outside, in the potent heavenly sequence to protect you, your home and business from negative influences.  

The CONCAVE mirror in the centre is used if your home is lower than the road; thus negating the influence of being 'flooded' with negative issues relating to wealth, relationships, health and career. 

The Bagua should never be placed inside the premises as it is too strong a cure; it should only ever be placed on the outside of a building, facing out to the road. Make sure that it is not in line or being blocked by any pillars, columns or the roof line/eaves of the building. 

This product is made out of solid brass.  Hence, will withstand the weather a lot better than wood made Baguas.