Feng Shui Basics Seminar

Feng Shui Basics Seminar

When: Sunday 22-09-2019
Where: TBA
Cost: $98.00


Something not quite right in your living or working environment? Money going out the door faster than you can make it. Arguments within the household? Relationships not going so well. Constantly battling with health issues.

This Workshop is for the person who wishes to learn and understand the basics of Feng Shui; it is the beginning point for any Feng Shui novice. If you have ever read anything about Feng Shui but found it all too confusing or you have had an interest in it and wanted to know more, then this is the best place to start.

You will be shown 3 of the easiest Schools of Feng Shui to implement immediately with positive results for not just you, but your family, business and workplace.

By attending this incredibly informative Seminar you will learn

  • How to Recognise Negative and Positive Visual Influences in Your Environment
  • How to Remedy any Negative Influences
  • How to Enhance Positive Influences into Living and Working Environment
  • How to Correctly Place Mirrors to Gain Positive Results
  • How to Correctly Place Water Features to Improve and Invite Wealth
  • How the 5 Elements Are Utilised to Help Balance Your Environment
  • How to Correctly Take a Compass Reading for Feng Shui
  • How to Calculate and Use Your Favourable Directions/Locations
  • How to Correctly Place Enhancers & Cures to Improve Your Life

Feng Shui Basics Seminar